" no one hurts my friends my family the ones I care for"

Cross Chain

Biography Edit

when she was only 5 years old Cross's parents got killed by her twin brother Cress. Her two other sisters Pendent and Sage had to raise her until they were both killed by Cress. the she when deep in the forest where she met Bloody Knife whom she tought how to speck, read, and write. Then they went to the nearby village and lived there for along time until Cress came a killed everyone Cross's loved but couldn't kill Bloody Knife.

Behind the scenes Edit

Cross was going to have misty blue hair and ware black and white clothes. Her age was never intended to be reviled but thinks happen. She was originaly going to be the strongest fighter but we had her the healer instead. She did have a specil power but then she got the ability to bring people back from the dead.